Ananda yoga

The Health Benefits of Ananda Yoga

Ananda yoga was created to help integrate and harmonized all levels of your being in a physical mental and spiritual way. The primary propose of this yoga is to raise the levels of human consciousness by stretching and reforming different position or postures that will help you navigate into a higher state of consciousness. ananda-yoga

Ananda Yoga is base on:

Asana ( yoga postures)
Yoga meditation techniques (energy controlling techniques and breathing)
Yoga Philosopy
Meditation tecniques

The asana in Ananda Yoga is a gentle practice for beginners that gets more challenging with experience. The practice is directed by the inner being not being aerobic or aggressive. The main objectives of this practice are:

The body must maintain relax, even when you have to push and make an effort on each asana.

Correct alignment of the body and safe practice

Ananda yoga is a practice of energy movement and states of mind. Awareness and active participation in the inner states of the practice become more present as we do the yoga.

Ananda focus on adapting all posture to the physical capabilities of the practitioner, instead of forcing the “ideal” position.

Two unique features of Ananda Yoga that are special are the energized exercises and the asana affirmations. Ananda is composed of 39 exercises and special energy control technique that the creator of the practice Yogananda, developed in order to raise the practitioner of consciousness and help concentrate and learn to control the force an energy of life.

Every yoga posture in Ananda is paired with its own affirmation that one says silently during each posture. Each affirmation is designed to help reinforce the natural effects of Asana, elevating the states of consciousness and helping the mind to only focus into the practice.

To explain in short Ananda is a yoga practice that not only focuses on the physical body but it woks directly with the mind and the body’s sublet energy.

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