Anusara Yoga

What is Anusara Yoga?

Anusara Yoga is a modern and new type of practice based on historical yoga disciplines that is now getting more and more attention as part of some of the most recognized yoga practices.

John Friend created Anusara yoga in 1997. Since then it has emerged as a new kind of yoga practice focus on a “celebration of life”. Even thought this practice is fairly new many yoga practitioners and teachers recognized it as a form of Hatha yoga with historical disciplines that dates back to the 14th century. anusara-yoga

Hatha Yoga is a kind of yoga where the moon/sun archetypes provide a balance. Build behind Hatha yoga, Anusara Yoga aims to bring its own unique style and introduce in its own way a mind and body focus.

Developed form hatha yoga, Anusara Yoga shares some basic aspects of other yoga styles. Some of these elements are the asana or posture, aiming to develop self-purification by helping center the body and mind.

As a part of the creative aspect of Anusara Yoga teachers will not “fix” any student postures and instead encourage the freedom and allowing all individuals to developed on their own.

What teachers of Anusara Yoga may do, will be to provide guidelines focus around the principles of correct alignment and different useful tools , that will allow practitioners to develop their unique Anusara Yoga methodology.

Each session typically contains a beginning, middle and end. The session’s starts with an invocation and will continue with a serious of postures ending on a deep meditative state of mind, similar to a traditional yoga closing. This discipline contains the basic features of popular yoga styles mixed with Tantrink philosophy

Anusara Yoga sessions are based in 3 categories, commonly known as the three A’s – attitude, alignment and action.

Attitude- This category is associated with a Tantrink philosophy that is known as the energy and power of fullness. The concept is referred to as “Iccha Shakti.” An attitude that brings out the connection with the force and heart behind each and every action of the Anusara poses.

Alignment - this is another concept in Tantric philosophy. Its based on the power of awareness of how the different part of the body that composed us, interconnects and integrate.

Action: this is related to the Tantrik philosophy that refers to the power of action.

Some of the most particular benefits of this practice include:

-Helping you focus not only in mental faculties but also on your physical health. By practicing Anusara Yoga, you are helping create awareness about your emotional and physical feelings.

-After an Anusara Yoga session you are very likely to feel energized and full of life. Many practitioners have stated that they fell less tired, relax and calm after each session.

-All poses in Anusara Yoga are recognized for being “heart opening” and “heart oriented” since you have the freedom and ability to express your feelings and inner self.

-To keep your inner self from being suppressed or hidden, Anusara Yoga invites your higher self to be present.

-If a practitioner becomes a regular with Anusara Yoga he is very likely to have a healthy and fulfilling life.

Anusara Yoga enforces great flexibility in bodies of any age. Aiming to help stretch ligament, tendons and muscles, improving your body posture and stretches.
To check out the healing effects of Anusara Yoga we recommend you to visit an Anusara Yoga center for at least 2 and half weeks. We are sure this practice can improve your quality of life if you are willing to put in the effort and follow a discipline regimen.


Enjoy this quick video that explains the Anusara Yoga practice

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