The 26 Bikram Yoga Poses

Yoga has been a popular and powerful practice among the best health professionals and practitioners. One of the most powerful benefits of yoga is the union of the mind and body. A Bikram yoga poses routine similar to other yoga styles, and its base on 26 Yoga poses. The routine brings relaxation, helps to attain a quiet mind and peace for practitioners.

Many people believe that Yoga is only about stretching, but only when you are engaged to the practice will you realize that the balance yoga brings to the body its developed throughout flexibility and strengths. You attain body flexibility by performing different asana or postures. Eventually after doing this practice for some time you will develop a relationship with the routine and may find your self-hook to the well being benefits of a Bikram yoga sessions.

Bikram Yoga Poses

Bikram yoga routines are made of 26 postures to help move oxygenated blood to every spot of the body, organs and muscle. Helping you restore the internal system back to the way its was intended to work. Bikram Yoga can help you achieve proper weight, good health, muscle tone and a powerful sense of well-being.

The session is composed of 26 asana designed to stretch and warm muscles, tendons and ligaments. The following are the 26 poses of Bikram Yoga:

Standing Deep Breathing

standing deep breathingSome of the health benefit of this pose include the opening of the lungs, preventing respiratory disorders, such as the shortness of breath and bronchitis.



Half Moon Pose
half moon pose- Helps work constipation, bronchi distress, scoliocis, lower back pain, body deformities, deform shoulders.
-Work pectorals major, trapezius, deltoid and hamstrings.
-It helps to exercise the colon, kidney and pancreas



Half Moon Pose
hands to feetHalf Moon: helps work constipation, bronchi distress, scoliosis, lower back pain, body deformities, deform shoulders.
Work pectorals major, trapezius, deltoid and hamstrings.
It helps to exercise the colon, kidney and pancreas



Awkward pose
awkward pose
Helps improve body strength, makes joints and hips flexible, increases circulation, aligns skeleton system, helps tone arms and neck, legs. this pose creates internal heat in the bodying help improve circulation to legs and brain.



Eagle pose
eagle poseBrings blood to sexual organs, improves sexual ability, helps improve flexibility on the 12 major joints, helps firms tights, legs, abdomen, hips and helps tone open arms.



Standing Head to Knee
standing head to kneeImproves circulations, and mental strength, stimulates the adrenal glands, it works to improve the cardiovascular system, aids the digestive system.



Standing Bow Pulling Pose
standing bow poseThis pose is a cardiovascular challenge, improves the elasticity of the spine, improves balance and strength, helps reduce abdominal fat, helps activate the digestive system, and stimulates organs and glands. Helps open the diaphragm.



Balancing Stick
 balancing stickIncreases blood flow to the body, stretches the capacity of the lungs, firms and strengths the hips, upper thighs. Balancing helps with varicose veins, upper arms and spines.



Standing Separate Leg Stretching
standing separate leg
Increases circulation to brain, good for loss of memory, psychotic depression. Abdominal obesity and constipation, helps increase, circulation to adrenal glands.



Triangle pose
triangle poseHelps work out the cardiovascular system; it helps revitalize tissues, vein and nerves. Increases the flexibility and strengths of hips and joints, it helps slim waist, helps the cardiovascular system and burns fat.



Standing Separate Leg Head to Toe
 standing separate led head to kneeHelps depression, abdominal obesity and loss of memory. Helps balance blood sugar, helps diabetes, digestive and reproductive system, and improves flexibility shoulders and spines. Helps waist slims abdomen, upper thighs and buttocks.



Tree Pose
tree poseIt helps correct back posture, hips, joints and knees, helps prevent hernia, improves balance, helps get rid of abdominal tension.



Toe Stand
Helps mental focus, patience, good for stretching, stomach muscle, and strengths joints.



Corpse Pose or Dead Body Pose
dead body poseReturns blood circulation to normal, helps slow and regulate heart rate, stills the mind and helps concentration, it teaches the body complete relaxation.



Wind Removing pose
wind removing post
Improves the flexibility of joints and hips, relieves lower back pain, improves circulation disorders, and week low extremities.



cobra poseIncreases the strength of the spine, and flexibility, helps prevent lower back package and cures humpbacks, good for high blood pressure,.



Locust Pose
locust poseGood for the gout, runback, broken or split disc, tennis elbow, scoliosis, promotes firm buttocks hips and arms.



Full Locust
full locust pose Help scoliosis, humpback, upper arms, things and hips, varicose veins, and helps lower blood pressure.



Full Locust
full locust pose
Help scoliosis, humpback, upper arms, things and hips, varicose veins, and helps lower blood pressure.



Bow Pose
 bow pose
Helps make spine straight, helps the large and small intestine, helps lungs and hips, increase the flexibility of muscles and shoulders, helps lungs diseases, diabetes, and humpback.



Fixed firm pose
fixed firm poseHelps against rheumatism in the legs, increases the flexibility of the lower spine, improves lower back pain, prevents hernia, improves the flexibility of the lower spine, helps varicose veins, prevents hernia.



Half Tortoise Pose
half tortoise pose
Helps autoimmune system normalizes blood pressure, helps with mental clarity and memory, helps relieve asthma, anorexia and diabetes. Increases the flexibility of joints and hips, relieves shoulder tension and back pain.



Camel Pose
camel poseCompresses the spine, firms the waistline and abdomen, improves postural alignment, helps stretch the abdominal organs.



Rabbit posse
rabbit poseProvides maximum stretch of the spine, improve digestion and cures colds, relieves tension in neck, back and shoulders, Relieves headaches, insomnia, and respiration illness.



Separate Head stretching head to toe
head to knee pose and streachingBalances blood sugar, improves flexibility, helps arthritis and allergies, works the lymphatic and immune system, relieves digestion and diarrhea.



Spine Twist
spine twisting pose Increases blood circulation, helps the flexibility of joints and hips, prevents slipped discs and is good for scoliosis, arthritis, humbacks, gets rid of body toxins, and calms the nervous system.



Blowing in Firm (breath Of fire)
blowing in firm pose
Trims the waistline, increases circulation, increases the oxygenation to the body, stretches the abdominal organs and muscles.

You can enjoy and learn this 26 Bikram Yoga poses at Bikram Yoga centers located around the world. Bikram Yoga studios are build in way that you body always gets the benefits of the 105F, which is the only way to achieve postures optimally. By going to Yoga studios and learning the proper postures you are guarantee to learn the postures correctly and learn the most clean and pure original form of yoga.

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